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Actors Workshops June

New Workshops and private coaching


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Tuesdays & Thursdays


In a playful, freeing and uplifting environment you will be guided to explore, expand and sharpen your craft as an actor and performer. 


This is a fun and vigorous practice that works to connect you to your emotional core, the powerhouse of your acting craft and your work on screen. In this methodology free arena actors are guided and shown how to utilize dynamic and creative techniques. That will feed the flame of your creative fire in ways that are unique to you. 


You will work with scenes and monologues from stage and screenplays that will spark your imagination, stretch and strengthen your acting chops. Material that will give you the opportunities to create compelling characters. You will learn how to cultivate and develop your ability to be authentic and unforgettable. 


Other techniques and skills explored are: 

  • Vocal power and skill, 

  • Physicality on screen

  • Spatial awareness

  • Getting Out Of Your Head And Into Your Body

  • Instinct and Flow

  • Confidence building

  • Developing your capacity to make bold, audacious, performance choices that make you stand out. 


The aim of this workshop series is to instil in you the confidence to discover and nurture your unique artistic signature allowing your individuality and creativity to shine through inspiring you to deliver performances rooted in truth, power and conviction. 


$600 - (20% off with QR code )


Tuesdays & Thursdays

Dates: June 6th - 29th

Times: 7PM - 10PM


4101 Highland Ave 
Manhattan Beach 
CA 90266 


There is a Public Parking structure close to the studio on the corner of Highland & Rosecrans and more.



The Sunday Workshops are about showing up and showing out in a way that is completely new, different and exciting for you as an actor, artist or performer.  


In this series of workshops you will be given the tools to break the rules on yourself. To create a new narrative and install a new mindset that builds momentum around your identity as an actor, artist and performer. Over the course of the month the aim is for you to transform the way you work on self taping, audition techniques, monologues and scene work. This is an intensive exploration of mindset and changing the stories that we tell and sell ourselves. Take The Leap is a performance workshop that dives deep into the core of who you think you are in order to create a shift in your creative consciousness. 


Practically what does that look like? In a nurturing and non-judgmental environment it means being pushed out of your comfort zone. It means creating a safe space that allows you to share your truths, fears and insecurities as a way of liberating and freeing up your creative and psychological energies. 


This workshop is centered on trust. "What you hear here, when you leave here, let it stay here" It is a co-creative space that eschews competition in exchange for creative co-operation.  


At the end of each of these workshop sessions participants will be invited to the local bar or cafe to get to know each other and create community together as we support each other in a common goal. Which is transformation as you take your talent and creative goals to the next level. 


$450 - (10% off with QR code)



Dates: June 4th - 25th

Times: 2.30PM - 5.30PM


4101 Highland Ave 
Manhattan Beach 
CA 90266 


There is a Public Parking structure close to the studio on the corner of Highland & Rosecrans and more.

Private Coaching

(10% off for signed up workshop members) 

in person

1 session - 1hr.30mins - $200

A Series - 6x (weekly) sessions  - 1hr. 30mins - $900 (a bundle)


One-On-One Coaching - 1 Session - 1hr.30mins  - $175

A Series - 6x (weekly) sessions - 1hr.30mins - $720 (a bundle)


Please email to find out more!

Previous Workshops



METAMORPHOSIS is a three day workshop that takes you on a transformative journey to reclaim your power, rediscover your aliveness and tap into a groundbreaking level of performance. As you learn how to embody the work with every fibre of your being. 


In Igbo mythology the iyi-uwa is a precious stone that connects the soul to the earth and the spirit world. When the iyi-uwa is found, that force cannot die. In this workshop your iyi-uwa is that spark of genius that lights you up and reveals your magic. 

Come ready to dance, sweat, laugh, cry, and feel.

To apply for Metamorphosis - LA, fill out the registration form below. You will be sent a link for payment.




- Friday April 28th - 7 PM - 10:30 PM

- Friday April 29th - 12 PM - 6:30 PM

- Friday April 30th - 12 PM - 10:30 PM


The Los Angeles Theater Center

514 S Spring St. Los Angeles, CA 90013


The parking lot located on 530 S. Spring St. Los Angeles, CA 90013

Check in with security guard to get parking validation for $5.



With sensitivity and articulacy you will be given the tools to peel away the layers, like on an onion skin, of the average, the easy, the safe and the performative in your work. You will be led  to discover the raw, honest, messy, funny, poignancy of truth. The essence that informs all of our relationships. You will be shown how to bring that level of vulnerability to your work and the material.


DéObia leads thrilling international workshops focusing on truth, authenticity, and power in your performance. This work will guide you to bring a heart centred authenticity to your work. You will be shown how to unpack the story's structure and locate the emotional core of the material. As you investigate themes, story, character arcs and plot. You will sharpen your craft as you learn to unpack the authenticity within yourself. 

At the end of the workshop the Rehearsal Room becomes a performance space as we prepare to stage and show your work, to an invited audience. That can include your friends, family and associates. 

To apply for Metamorphosis - London, fill out the registration form below!





- Friday May 26th - 6:30 PM - 10:30 PM

- Friday May 27th - 10 AM - 6:30 PM

- Friday April 30th - 10 AM - 8:00 PM


City Academy

10 Herbal Hill, London, EC1R 5EG

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